Photo frames with mini LiPlay - INSTAX by Fujifilm (Belgium)

Photo frames with mini LiPlay

What do you need?

Step 1

Before you start, put the dried flowers in the middle of a book and close it to flatten them as good as possible. Add weight to the book if necessary.

Step 2

Remove the cardboard back from the first frame and take out the glass of the second frame.

Step 3

Print your favorite photos with the instax mini LiPlay.

Step 4

Arrange the photos on the glass in the frame and then arrange the dried flowers.

Step 5

Close the picture frame with the glass of the second picture frame. Then secure them together with the black metal hooks. Fold the hooks with the pliers to prevent them from sticking out.

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DIY made by Noracontetout.

The Kit

instax mini LiPlay
instax mini film

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