Confetti placemat with Link WIDE - INSTAX by Fujifilm (Belgium)

Confetti placemat with Link WIDE

What do you need?

How do you get started?

  • Cut a sheet of adhesive film measuring 30cm by 80cm.
  • Fold the sheet of self-adhesive foil in two and press the fold firmly. Place something heavy on it when the foil rolls back up.
  • Remove the paper from the adhesive film. Do this on one side only. Place a book or other object on the other half, so that it remains flat.
  • Print your favourite instax photos with the instax Link WIDE and stick them with the front side on the self-adhesive film.

Almost done!

  • Sprinkle confetti on the adhesive film.
  • Now remove the paper from the other half of the adhesive film and stick it on the back of the photos and the confetti.
  • Tip: use a ruler to stick the foil very slowly, this way you will ensure less bubbles in your placemat.

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DIY made by Maria-Laura De Loore.

The Kit

instax Link WIDE printer
instax WIDE film

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