7 Fun Ways Your instax Can Make You Smile

Written by Mollie Rose

Looking for some new ways to keep yourself entertained? I’m sure we’ve all seen (and maybe even participated) in the nominations, Instagram filter challenges and TikTok videos. But I have something fresh on the scene for you. Let’s explore some ways your instax camera can bring some laughter to your day.

1. Meet my pup Alfie, ft a crown and a moustache!

To achieve this I used the instax mini LiPlay camera. Via the mini LiPlay App, I chose the frames I thought would suit my pup the best, added them onto my ‘favourites’ so I could experiment (you’ll find the 1,2,3 buttons on the side of your mini LiPlay, and then positioned Alfie to match up to them perfectly. I did have to dangle a treat in front of the camera to get him posing…! So easy to achieve with some funny results! Why not try adding doodles to your furry friends too.

2. Create abstract patterns and art with ‘boring’ random objects that you find in your house.

I achieved these both by accident and on purpose! 

The top left image was taken when I rested my instax SQUARE SQ20 on my red sun lounger outside. I loved how it created an obscure pattern with the grass peeking through the criss-cross pattern on the sunbed. The other images were achieved with water, ice, glass and a phone torch. Placing a phone torchlight shining underneath a glass illuminates it and ‘backlights’ whatever is in the glass. This is what creates the depth and gives your abstract image a cool aesthetic.

I used cranberry juice to create a gorgeous pink colour, and added soda water to create some bubbles. I then added ice, if you look carefully you can spy this in the top right and bottom left images.  I used the instax SQUARE SQ20 to photograph this as I found a digital screen helped me to position and expose my abstract images. Have a look around your kitchen and see what you can create!

3. Print out your favourite old photos of your friends on the instax mini Link printer and post them for a surprise!

4. Fancy partaking in a makeup or face paint challenge?

Reckon you could do it in 5 minutes? Yep? What about when you’re only allowed to look into the teeny tiny instax selfie mirror on the front of most cameras!? Here’s my attempt… it’s harder than it seems! Snap a selfie afterwards and tag #InstaxSelfieMirrorChallenge. I used the instax SQUARE SQ6 for this but most instax cameras now come with a ‘selfie’ front mirror.

5. Play a homemade game of Noughts & Crosses!

You can do this with any two themes of instant print images you choose. I decided to put my unused instax mini 11 prints to good use and noticed I had two reoccurring themes… photos of my pup and photos of flowers. Give your opposition one theme whilst you take the other; these are your new Noughts & Crosses! And you know the rest…first to 3 in a row wins. In total, you’ll need 5 prints of each theme to play a full game.

6. Master a handstand without even trying!

Here you may have guessed that my hands are my feet and my feet are my hands (…there’s also a football in my hood!). You may have seen the upside-down challenge on the infamous TikTok… why not try making it into an instant print too?! I used the instax SQUARE SQ20 for this because I wanted to try it with the ‘timeshift’ mode. This broke my scene up into 4 different images, moments apart. However, you can make regular prints on all the other instax cameras.

7. Play with perspectives!

Here I have taken a tulip and placed it in the foreground of the camera (ensure you’re not too close so your instax camera still focuses on the foreground). I then got my brother Oli, who took this photo, to direct me into position so the tulip looked like my skirt. We used the instax mini 9 to take this photo as I wanted to manually adjust the exposure with the brightness adjustment dial.

Share your fun ideas with us #instaxathome & #DontJustTakeGive

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